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so what actually happens

when you start using


as part of your marketing strategy?!

The burning question these days is should you be leveraging Pinterest alongside your other marketing efforts & the short answer is YES!

Pinterest is different than all our other favorite social media platforms because it actually encourages you to leave its platform & go directly to the website you’re interested in!

So why is that?

Because Pinterest is a visual search engine…actually the biggest search engine in the world right behind Google and YouTube.

So what does that mean for your business?! There are ALMOST 500 million monthly users who are searching for what you offer & begging to be introduced to your business!

The Impact

So what is SO good about Pinterest?

Out of all those million monthly users, 40% of them actually have a household income of over $100k.

AKA your dream clients are coming to Pinterest engaged and ready to purchase!

It’s actually found that Pinterest content can be 80% more viral and 3x more effective at generating leads than Instagram.

So, say hello to more sales, more traffic, more subscriptions, more fun!

&& the time to get started is NOW!

Pinterest is an evergreen platform which means the content you post is continuing to pop up on users feed with no end in sight. As a visual search engine, your content won’t disappear after 24-48 hours but continue to get impressions, traffic & sales overtime!

The content you post today can be seen for years to come - sounds like a dream come true!

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But no need to scramble for more content, let’s just get tons more eyes on your current content! If you’re not marketing on Pinterest today, you are letting a significant audience of highly interested consumers pass you by!

So, is learning


for you?

  • Do you have physical or digital products to sell? Are you a service provider, content creator or blogger scrambling to find more clients?!

  • Are you sick & tired of having to show up daily on your social media to promote your business?

  • Does trying to be popular on Instagram drain you!

  • Are you racking your brain trying to create more & more content?

  • Are you looking for a set-it & forget it strategy where you can schedule out all your content for the month in less than 1 day?

  • Are you over spending hours creating a killer content only for it to disappear after 24-48 hours?

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if you answered yes...

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|All Things Pinterest Marketing|

your complete guide to using Pinterest to drive sales

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what’s included?

x - Account Setup

x - How To Make a Business Account

x - Everything You Need to Know on Pinterest Boards

x - How to Optimize Your Profile so Your Ideal Client Finds You

x - Keyword/Hashtag & SEO Research

x - How to Understand Pinterest Trends & Analytics

x - Turning Clicks into Customers

x - Designing Pins

x - Trends to Try

x - Best Times to Post

x - Repurposing Ideas

x - The Best Business Tools

x - Tips, Tricks, Strategies & More!

join the rest of us making money on pinterest

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I am a Business Owner -

Should I Be Using Pinterest?

Calling all E-commerce businesses, influencers, bloggers & content creators, service based businesses, creatives & artists, affiliate marketers, local businesses & educators to name a few! If you have something to share or sell, then you are doing yourself a disservice by not strategically using Pinterest to drive sales, generate leads, build brand awareness & much more!


I Don’t Understand Pinterest - will this help?

This all encompassing guide is beginner friendly to help you start your Pinterest Business journey from scratch - if you already have an account, this guide will teach you the ins & outs to be successful on this platform!


Can I Actually Make Money Using Pinterest for Marketing?

Whether you are selling a product, a service, an influencer or looking for a side hustle to bring in more should not be sleeping on using Pinterest to help generate more money honey! Pinterest is different than all our other favorite social media platforms because it actually encourages users to leave it’s platform & go directly to the websites they are interested in... So hello more website traffic for your business!


When do I Get Access to this Guide?

You will get immediate access to you this guide after payment downloadable as a PDF! You will be able to start implementing what you learn immediately so you can see results in your Pinterest game for years to come!

Pin Your Way to Success...

learn the power of pinterest

& watch the magic unfold

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All Things Pinterest Marketing

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